A bird song for Mary


Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 910x910mm

Border Art Prize Entry 2018.


Creativity – better then fame of fortune

“Many things are far better then fame of fortune.

Love is one of them. Living creatively is another.

Living creatively means tuning in to all your scenes and

really knowing what’s going on.

It means making quirky connections, and seeking out

inspiration, beauty, humor, tenderness, and absurdity.

It means liking the subtle as well as the magnificent.

It means valuing your own experiences – and making

something of them.

Creativity may be expressed through great works of art. But

it can also be a way of living that is open, spirited, engaged,

eager, curious and uplifting.”

[Page 48 ]

Creative Journal Writing – the art and heart of reflection

Stephanie Dowrick